Delivering locally grown, all natural beef to your family’s dinner table.

Charles Barham began raising and caring for cattle nearly 40 years ago on his farm in Ozark, AR. He’s fine tuned his craft and found creative and healthy ways to ensure his cows are fat and happy! With a steady diet of sweet potatoes, grain and grazing, Mr. Barham’s cattle produce tasty, marbleized beef the entire family will enjoy. Explore our website to learn more!

How it works

Providing all natural beef for Arkansas families is more important to us now than ever. We are proud to provide high quality, locally born and raised, USDA certified beef. If you are wondering how it works, here’s a breakdown.

1. A quarter beef will provide approximately 80-90 lbs of beef.
2. You can expect the cost to be around $695, but we won’t know for sure until the date of processing. See pricing method below.
3. Your beef is USDA Certified, vacuum sealed (by your volume of choice) and clearly labeled.
4. With a quick 5 minute phone call, we will walk you through the customized cut options prior to processing.
5. Cuts include steaks, brisket, roasts, ground beef and others, with ground beef making up approximately 25%-30% of your beef.

The industry pricing standard is to use hanging weight. Our cost is $5.00/lb hanging weight, plus a 2.625% sales tax. This pricing method allows full transparency and ensures you get what you pay for. We provide free delivery to folks in Central and Northwest Arkansas. A nonrefundable deposit of $200 per quarter must be paid to secure your order. The remainder is due prior to or upon delivery. Cash, Venmo, Cash App, PayPal, and check are all acceptable forms of payment.

Our cattle are hand fed daily with sweet potatoes and grain, plus plenty of pasture to graze. We guarantee not a single needle goes into your beef. They are born and raised with care by Charles Barham on his farm in Ozark, AR. Charles has been farming for nearly 40 years.

We love serving our customers and providing “farm to table” beef to Arkansas families! If you have questions, please comment here or find us on Facebook.

Available Beef

Below is our remaining beef processing schedule for 2020. Pricing is $5.00 per pound hanging weight. You can expect each quarter to cost around $695 and a whole beef may run approximately $2,780. It all depends on the hanging weight per beef. Local delivery is free. A nonrefundable deposit of $200 per quarter must be paid to secure your order.

If you have a specific month that you’ll want beef, go ahead and schedule with Ed Linck. Call or text Ed at (501) 733-4801. He’ll work with you on the details.

2020 Processing Schedule:
November – 2 (SOLD OUT)
December – 2 (2 quarters available)

2021 Processing Schedule: We’ll have 4 whole beef available each month throughout 2021.