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Standard Quarter Beef ($8.00/LB)


The Standard Quarter Beef showcases our most popular cuts. You’ll receive a guaranteed minimum of 100 LB of beef. The description below showcases the minimum weight you’ll receive from each cut. Take the guessing out of buying bulk beef with the Standard Quarter Beef.

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Wendy Francis Avatar Wendy Francis

Steaks (Minimum 9 LB)
Ribeye: 3.5 LB
Tenderloin: 1 LB
New York Strips: 1.5 LB.
Top Sirloin Steak: 3 LB

Ground Beef: 50 LB in 1 lb. packs

Roasts (Minimum 22 LB)   
Round Roast: 5 LB
Chuck Roast: 6 LB
Sirloin Tip Roast: 2.25 LB
Arm Roast: 2.25 LB
Brisket: 3 LB
Pikes Peak or Rump Roast: 2.5 LB
Tri-Tip: 0.5 LB

Comfort Cuts: 2.5 LB (Comfort cut may be minute steaks, stew meat, fajita meat, kabob meat)

Flank and Skirt Steak: 1 LB

Beef Short Ribs: 7 LB

Soup Bones: 2 LB

Offals: 1.5 LB (Offals may be a combination of heart, liver, oxtail, or tongue)

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