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Winter Market – Conway’s Super Bowl for Shopping Local

The Winter Market, hosted by and at Haynes Hardware in Conway, makes Christmas shopping on a local level as easy as it gets. On Saturday, December 4, 2022, between 9:00am – 2:00pm, over 35 vendors from Central Arkansas will be set up to sell the goods to guests. For the second year, Barham’s Ozark Beef will participate in the Winter Market. What can you expect from us? Well, we’ll have individual cuts of steak, roast, ground beef, and other beef snob favorites. In addition, our new Beef Snob t-shirts and hoodies will be on sale! We only have a limited number of shirts. If you want to make sure you have your style and size, order online here. The deadline to order beef snob gear is this Sunday, December 5.

We’ll be set up on the south side of the Haynes Ace Hardware parking lot. You’ll see our freezer trailer and Barham’s Ozark Beef tent. If you are looking for an awesome gift idea, try the Mini Beef Snob Sampler. Many of your fellow beef snobs order these for their family and friends for the holidays and special occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries. Regular Beef Snob Samplers will be available as well!

If you are looking to order beef in bulk in the next week, we will include Beef Snob gear with your order! Here’s how it works…

Buy a quarter beef, we’ll add a Beef Snob t-shirt.
Buy a half beef, you get a Beef Snob t-shirt and hat.
Buy a whole beef, take home a Beef Snob hoodie, t-shirt and hat.

If you have any questions about the Winter Market, Beef Snob gear, or buying bulk beef, please contact Ed Linck at (501) 733-4801 or ed@beefsnob.com. See you at the Winter Market!!!

Meat the Team: Whitly Cochran

It became very clear that Charlie and Ed needed help to keep up with the growth of Barham’s Ozark Beef. Enter Whitly Cochran… Whitly is the daughter of Ed’s former Connors State College baseball teammate, Jeremy Cochran. In the summer of 2022, Jeremy asked Ed if there were any jobs available in Conway for Whitly while she continued her education at the University of Central Arkansas. Ed immediately created a new position, Associate Beef Snob. Ed knew that if she had half the work ethic and integrity of her father, she would be a great addition to team. Whitly is exceeding expectations and we are thrilled to have her on the team!

The Gentry, Arkansas native is currently a senior psychology major at UCA, graduating in December 2022. She recently said, “Working for Barham’s Ozark Beef has been so rewarding. I am very excited for all we have planned for the future!” With Whitly on the team, there is no doubt the future is bright at Barham’s Ozark Beef.

Whitly has jumped in to help with graphic design, customer relationship management, social media marketing, and apparel design. Knowing she has a desire to open her own business one day, she is included in discussions about all aspects of the business. We hope to provide her the first-hand experience of running a small business so that she will have a much quicker road to success that we did!

Meat the Team: Ed Linck

Originally from Conway, Arkansas, Ed joined the world of entrepreneurship in 2019 as co-founder of Barham’s Ozark Beef alongside his wife Mariana Linck. The couple partnered with Ed’s parents and long-time cattle ranchers, Charlie and Lynda Barham, to provide customers with premium quality, humanely raised, all-natural, sweet potato fed beef. With Ed’s leadership and vision, the family-owned business has quickly become a top producer for locally sourced beef in Arkansas.

Ed’s previous professional experience in organizational management, marketing, sales, logistics, and commercial real estate, has equipped him for the many challenges that inherently come with starting, growing, and operating a small family business. Mariana, who has a PhD in Materials Science from UC San Diego and works full-time in medical device regulations at BSI Group, provides Barham’s Ozark Beef with key strategic advice and adds valuable input when making important business decisions. The business duo married in June 2015. They have a 5-year-old daughter, Catalina, and welcomed Lucille in January of 2022.

When you interact with Barham’s Ozark Beef, you’ll most likely be conversing with Ed. He answers the phone calls, emails, social media messages, and works the booth at local markets. His job duties also include website design, social media management, marketing, public relations, logistics, ecommerce, and sales. Ed volunteers on the board of directors of the Conway Farmer’s Market and is a member of the Conway Noon Rotary Club. He works tirelessly to ensure you have a great customer experience!

Meat the Team: Charles Barham

Charles Barham grew up in Ozark, Arkansas, and was an Honors Graduate from Arkansas Tech University in Russellville.  He had planned to be a Forest Ranger, but the cows won him over! Charles started his cattle business buying one or two baby calves at a time.  He built each baby calf its own pen in his parent’s backyard in Ozark and bottle fed each one 3 bottles of milk a day. When he had seven or eight big calves ready to sell, he took them to the local sale barn and sold them to buy three mama cows for the first time. This cycle continued until Charles’ herd grew to 30 cows.

Once Charles had proven himself as a cattle operator, he decided to expand and bought his first farm – 60 acres.  As the operation continued to grow, Charles continued to purchase and lease more land and raise more cattle. His farms now total over 500 acres, and his beautiful Ozark farmland is home to hundreds of cattle.

Beginning in the Fall of 2019, Charles entered the farm-to-table market alongside his stepson, Ed Linck. He now sells handpicked calves, fed only improved pasture, sweet potatoes and chopped corn, to families across Arkansas. 

Charles has come a long way since bottle feeding his calves in his parents’ back yard! His experience and joy of raising cattle shows in his daily work. His mission is to produce the finest beef in the region. You’ll taste the difference with Barham’s Ozark Beef.

Charles is married to Lynda Barham (aka The Farmer’s Wife). They have two sons (Edwin and Preston) and two daughters (Holly and Heather). They live in Conway, AR, but you’ll typically find Charles on the farm in Ozark!

Available Bulk Beef for December 2022

Hey Beef Snobs!

We processed eight whole beef for our December 2022 customers. Delivery and local pickup will be available around December 15. This month’s hanging weights range from 507 lbs. to 756 lbs.! That’s a bigger range than usual, so plenty of pricing options for you to consider. You can select a whole beef, a half beef (aka. side of beef), or a quarter beef. To secure your order, select one of the options below. During checkout, comment in the notes section which hanging weight you prefer. Once your order is placed, you’ll receive the cut sheet options from our Chief Beef Snob, Ed Linck. If you have questions along the way, feel free to call Ed at 501-733-4801. He’s happy to help!

NOTE: The ones with hanging weights of 527 lbs., 620 lbs., and 756 lbs. were deemed by the USDA inspector to be at or over 30 months old at processing, so T-bones, the oxtail, and beef neckbones (anything touching the spinal cord) are not available with these. Instead of T-bones, you’d receive NY strips and tenderloin. If we have oxtail or beef neckbones in stock at delivery, you are welcome to it!

Beef Snob Gear Available for Limited Time

Introducing the new Beef Snob logo!!!! We are so happy with how it turned out that we’ve put it on t-shirts, hoodies, and long sleeve t-shirts. Want one? Place your order at https://www.sotees.net/beefsnob/shop/home.

The online store closes on December 3rd, so we’ll have plenty of time to produce and deliver your orders prior to Christmas day. There’s a limited supply, so get your order in soon!

Black Friday BEEF-A-THON

We have more beef in stock than ever before!!! Join us for the Black Friday BEEF-A-THON on Friday, November 25 between 8:00am – 6:00pm at Haynes Ace Hardware. With a unique diet of sweet potatoes, corn, and improved pasture, come see why Conway based Barham’s Ozark Beef has quickly become the “go-to” beef source for Beef Snobs across Arkansas!

A variety of beef cuts will be available for purchase, such as steaks, roasts, ground beef, stew meat, and more. You can buy individual cuts or save money with a sampler.

Go to the Facebook event page to stay informed about the event at https://fb.me/e/2y3BdAQ8I. Have questions? Contact Ed at 501-733-4801.

Are you following us on Facebook? You should! Here’s a link to our page… Barham’s Ozark Beef | Facebook

7 Things to Know When Ordering Barham’s Ozark Beef

1. Amount of Beef: A Half Beef will net between 170-220 pounds of beef. Plan to use 9-12 cubic feet of freezer space. Half these numbers for a Quarter Beef. The Beef Snob Sampler nets 30 pounds of beef and takes up approximately 2 cubic feet. 2. Cost Estimate: You can expect the cost to be around $1,600-$1,700 for a Half Beef, although we’ve seen prices range from $1,400 – $2,100. The price is determined once we know the hanging weight. The Beef Snob Sampler is $275 and includes approximately 30 pounds of beef. 3. Packaging: Each cut is vacuum sealed and clearly labeled. The label includes the specific cut, weight, and the USDA stamp. This style of packaging makes thawing the beef easy and quick! 4. Customization (Quarter and Half Beef Orders Only): With a 5-minute phone call, our team will walk you through the customized cut options for a Half or Quarter Beef. You’ll be walked through the options for your steaks, roasts, ground beef and other items. 5. What Cuts Are Included? Each Half or Quarter Beef will include approximately 15% steaks, 25% roasts, 40% ground beef, and 20% other cuts. The Beef Snob Sampler includes 5 steaks, 2-3 roasts, 13 pounds of ground beef, and 4 other items that would include fajita meat, kabob meat, beef short ribs, minute steaks, and more. 6. Place an Order: To secure your order, go to this link. Our team will reach out to you within two days of your order with more details. If buying a Half or Quarter Beef, a deposit must be paid to secure your order. The remainder of the purchase price is due prior to delivery. 7. Delivery: Home delivery is available within a 250 mile radius of Conway, AR, which includes the entire state of Arkansas, Memphis, TN, Tulsa, OK, and Branson, MO. The delivery fee is $0.70 per mile from Conway. The fee will show at checkout. Free local pickup in Conway is always available. Contact Ed Linck for more information at (501) 733-4801. A little more about the pricing… The industry pricing standard is to use the “hanging weight” to determine the price. Our price is $5.35/lb. hanging weight, plus a 2.75% sales tax. The price we quote you includes the beef, processor’s fee, and sales tax. Our pricing method allows full transparency and ensures you get exactly what you paid for. Considering the quality of beef and the great price, there’s no better way to buy beef! If you have questions, please contact Ed Linck at (501) 733-4801 or ed@beefsnob.com.

Guide to Buying Bulk Beef From Local Farms

Are you looking to buy bulk beef for the first time? Have you had a bad experience buying bulk beef? There are a few things to consider when buying from your local farmer.

What’s for dinner? When you and I have a healthy, balanced diet, it shows in how we look and feel. If you mainly eat salads, vegetables, and fruits, you’ll be much leaner than the person who eats lots of carbohydrates, protein, and sugar. If you are looking for lean beef, find a rancher who only feeds grass and hay to their herd. For those looking for more marbling in their beef, search for farms feeding corn or another food source to their herd. There is a large market for both categories of beef, so do your research on the farm’s feed program prior to purchasing.

Been here long? The age of the animal will directly affect the tenderness of the beef. Ask the farmer for the age of the cow when it goes to processing. Around two to 2 1/2 years old is a good age to process. At that point they are relatively young but have had enough time to pack on some pounds. The younger cows may be more tender, but they haven’t put on much weight yet. Some farmers send their “cull cows” to the processor. The reasons could vary from a cow getting injured to a mama cow not producing calves. The beef from older cows will not be as tender. For those of you who have with negative experiences buying bulk beef, there’s a good chance you were duped into buying a cull cow.

Is this quality beef? When buying a quarter beef or more, the current law states that you don’t have to complete the USDA inspection. Although it’s an option at most processing plants, some farmers may not get the USDA inspection because it costs extra money, plus it’s not required when selling beef in bulk. I personally feel much safer knowing the meat I’m feeding my family has been inspected by the USDA. If you purchase beef at a farmers market, look for the USDA stamp on the packaging. To sell individual cuts to the public, the law says each cut must be inspected. When you see the USDA stamp, you can eat your beef with confidence that it passed the USDA inspection at the time it was processed.

What’s it like there? Where a cow is born, grows up, and is processed matters. Are they born and raised on the farm? Do they get to roam freely in a pasture? Are they treated humanely throughout their lives? Ok, that may be too many questions to ask, but you get the idea! The living conditions matter, which is part of the reason you find a much better taste in farm raised beef versus the beef from the major beef producers.

How much? The most common way to price bulk beef is by using the “hanging weight”, but what all is included? To get your real total, make sure the beef, processing fee, USDA inspection fee, sales tax, and the delivery fee (if available) are all included in the final price. Some operations will only charge you for the beef and tax, and then you pay the processor directly for the processing fee. In many cases, you pick up the finished product from the processor. Does one farm charge more than another? If so, why? There are many factors that contribute to price differences, such as the expenses to run the farm, the feed program (huge factor), the farm’s location to a processor or viable market, etc. Understand why there’s a difference before making your final decision.

Can I get what I want? One of the perks of buying in bulk is that you typically get to customize your order. Do you want steaks bone in or bone out? How thick do you want your steaks? This is part of the fun for our customers! Some operations will discuss your cut preferences with you, while others will have you contact the processor directly. Some processors request that the two quarters on a side of beef match perfectly. In this case, you many not get everything that you request, but they can typically get you very close to what you want. When you buy a half beef, or side of beef, you get to fully customize everything! For those who consistently purchase bulk beef, buying a half beef is their preference.

You should now have a good idea of what to expect and what questions to ask when purchasing bulk beef. It’s a big purchase that many do without much knowledge or experience. Finding the right farm that will walk you through the process and answer your questions is key. You’ll eventually develop trust with your “beef guy” or “beef gal.” The hope is that both sides of the deal feel great about the relationship and continue working together for many years.

 Good luck in your search for your own beef guy or beef gal! We hope this guide helps you make the right choice the first time. If you live in Arkansas, you’re invited to learn more about Barham’s Ozark Beef at www.beefsnob.com. Now the only question is… what’s for dinner?

Ed Linck, Chief Beef Snob
Barham’s Ozark Beef

“Startup Stories” Featuring Barham’s Ozark Beef

Barham’s Ozark Beef was recently featured at the February 2022 Arkansas Conductor “Startup Stories” event. Our Chief Beef Snob, Ed Linck, shared about the origins of our farm-to-table business, challenges faced along the way, and what the future holds for Barham’s Ozark Beef. If you want to learn more about us or get an inside view of starting a farm-to-table business, we think you’ll enjoy the video!