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There’s something special about knowing exactly where your food comes from and trusting the family that makes it happen.


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Beef Snob Origin Story

It all began with Charlie and Lynda Barham and Ed and Mariana Linck agreeing in the summer of 2019 to process six beef over a period of three months to see if there’s a market for a farm-to-table beef business in the Conway area. It was a big risk for all of them. Ed’s dad and stepmom, John & Susan Linck, were their first customers. Soon after, Cecilia, Danny, Jeff, Pamela, and Wendy claimed the remainder of the initial two beef that were delivered in October 2019. Two more beef were delivered in November and a final two in December. The interest they saw in those early days gave them enough confidence to continue the down the path of becoming a “real” business.

2020 saw substantial growth. With the Covid-19 pandemic in full effect, the way people ordered food shifted. Shopping for groceries online became normal. Beef shortages due to supply chain issues shined a light on the local meat and vegetable producers. Having your own “beef guy” became a thing. Word quickly spread about Barham’s Ozark Beef and the phone started ringing. 

With the initial shock of Covid-19 starting to subside, people were going out to eat again and the quarters and halves were lasting much longer than before. Order frequency declined, again, just as inventory had increased. It was time to pivot once again. Enter the Conway Farmer’s Market. The team created a price sheet, bought a tent and other items needed to be a presentable vendor and prepared themselves for the first day of market. The following months would be some of the best in the history of the company. The beef snob community grew exponentially over the summer with dozens of new customers each Saturday at the market. Thanks to a young man who wanted a Father’s Day gift, the Mini Beef Snob Sampler was born. He said, “I have $100. What can I get as a gift for my dad?” The answer was two steaks, a roast, a fajita meat and five pounds of ground beef. The Mini has become the most frequently ordered item on the Barham’s Ozark Beef bulk menu.

Where did “Beef Snob” come from? Mariana and Ed had a few pounds of ground beef from another cattle farm. Mariana wanted to try it and see how it compared to Barham’s Ozark Beef. She made spaghetti with it and the Linck family sat down to dinner. Everyone took their first bite. All of a sudden, Mariana is spit her bite out followed by a disgusted “YUCK!” Ed and their daughter, Catalina, couldn’t believe their eyes. Mariana had been spoiled by a year straight of eating Barham’s Ozark Beef that a lesser quality beef just didn’t suit her anymore. The term “beef snob” was born and is now a big part of the “beef snob” culture.

What started as a fingers-crossed, hopeful idea has become a “we may have something here” business. As it turns out, people truly appreciate all-natural, sweet potato and corn fed, pasture raised beef. The “beef snob community” is real and growing. The Barham’s and the Linck’s are forever grateful for the continued support they receive from their customers and look forward to serving the beef snob community for many years to come.


Our mission is to deliver humanely raised, all-natural, premium quality beef.

Values & Core Beliefs
  1. Family Focus: Yours & Ours
  2. Health & Safety of Customers & Our Team
  3. Humane Treatment of Animals & Land
  4. Complete Customer Satisfaction


Meat Our Team

The dynamic due of Charlie Barham and Ed Linck are the engine that makes Barham’s Ozark Beef run on a daily basis. Charlie raises the cows. Ed sells and delivers the beef. Both are highly focused on the customer experience.

Charlie Barham

Cattle Rancher

Ed Linck

Chief Beef Snob

Charlie Barham

It Starts With Charlie

Charles Barham grew up in Ozark, Arkansas, and was an Honors Graduate from Arkansas Tech University in Russellville.  He had planned to be a Forest Ranger, but the cows won him over! Charles started his cattle business buying one or two baby calves at a time.  He built each baby calf its own pen in his parent’s backyard in Ozark and bottle fed each one 3 bottles of milk a day. When he had seven or eight big calves ready to sell, he took them to the local sale barn and sold them to buy three mama cows for the first time. This cycle continued until Charles’ herd grew to 30 cows.

Once Charles had proven himself as a cattle operator, he decided to expand and bought his first farm – 60 acres.  As the operation continued to grow, Charles continued to purchase and lease more land and raise more cattle. His farms now total over 500 acres, and his beautiful Ozark farmland is home to hundreds of cattle.

Beginning in the Fall of 2019, Charles entered the farm-to-table market alongside his stepson, Ed Linck. He now sells handpicked calves, fed only improved pasture, sweet potatoes and chopped corn, to families across Arkansas. 

Charles has come a long way since bottle feeding his calves in his parents’ back yard! His experience and joy of raising cattle shows in his daily work. His mission is to produce the finest beef in the region. You’ll taste the difference with Barham’s Ozark Beef.

Charles is married to Lynda Barham (aka The Farmer’s Wife). They have two sons (Edwin and Preston) and two daughters (Holly and Heather). They live in Conway, AR, but you’ll typically find Charles on the farm in Ozark!

Ed Linck

Enter the world’s first “Chief Beef Snob”

Originally from Conway, Arkansas, Ed joined the world of entrepreneurship in 2019 as co-founder of Barham’s Ozark Beef alongside his wife Mariana Linck. The couple partnered with Ed’s parents and long-time cattle ranchers, Charlie and Lynda Barham, to provide customers with premium quality, humanely raised, all-natural, sweet potato fed beef. With Ed’s leadership and vision, the family-owned business has quickly become a top producer for locally sourced beef in Arkansas.

Ed’s previous professional experience in organizational management, marketing, sales, logistics, and commercial real estate, has equipped him for the many challenges that inherently come with starting, growing, and operating a small family business. Mariana, who has a PhD in Materials Science from UC San Diego and works full-time in medical device regulations at BSI Group, provides Barham’s Ozark Beef with key strategic advice and adds valuable input when making important business decisions. The business duo married in June 2015. They have a 6-year-old daughter, Catalina, and welcomed Lucille in January of 2022.

When you interact with Barham’s Ozark Beef, you’ll most likely be conversing with Ed. He answers the phone calls, emails, social media messages, and works the booth at local markets. His job duties also include website design, social media management, marketing, public relations, logistics, ecommerce, and sales. Ed volunteers on the board of directors of the Conway Farmer’s Market and is a member of the Conway Noon Rotary Club. He works tirelessly to ensure you have a great customer experience!

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