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How it works

Providing all natural beef for Arkansas families is more important to us now than ever. We are proud to provide high quality, locally born and raised, USDA certified beef. If you are wondering how it works, here’s a breakdown. 1. A quarter beef will… Continue Reading “How it works”

Available Beef

Below is our remaining beef processing schedule for 2020. Pricing is $5.00 per pound hanging weight. You can expect each quarter to cost around $695 and a whole beef may run approximately $2,780. It all depends on the hanging weight per beef. Local delivery… Continue Reading “Available Beef”

Delivering locally grown, all natural beef to your family’s dinner table.

Charles Barham began raising and caring for cattle nearly 40 years ago on his farm in Ozark, AR. He’s fine tuned his craft and found creative and healthy ways to ensure his cows are fat and happy! With a steady diet of sweet potatoes,… Continue Reading “Delivering locally grown, all natural beef to your family’s dinner table.”