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It’s Time for a BEEF SNOB ROAD TRIP!

Do you live in Memphis, Texarkana, NWA, or Central Arkansas? We are heading your way the last week of March, so now is the time to order beef at! Orders placed by this Friday, March 17, can still customize their cuts. Call Ed… Continue Reading “It’s Time for a BEEF SNOB ROAD TRIP!”

Beef Snob Subscriptions Now Available!

Barham’s Ozark Beef is now offering beef snob subscriptions on a monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly basis. Beef Snobs have three options to choose from: 1. Ground Beef Box 2. Mini Beef Snob Sampler 3. Beef Snob Sampler The Ground Beef Box is a new… Continue Reading “Beef Snob Subscriptions Now Available!”

Haynes Ace is Home to Barham’s Ozark Beef “Shop the Trailer” Events

Good news for Beef Snobs in Central Arkansas! From now and April 16, we’ll set up at Haynes Ace Hardware in Conway, Arkansas, every Sunday between Noon-5:00pm. We are thrilled to have a consistent home for our Shop the Trailer events in Conway. We’ll… Continue Reading “Haynes Ace is Home to Barham’s Ozark Beef “Shop the Trailer” Events”

How to Order Bulk Beef from Barham’s Ozark Beef

As Arkansas’ home for bulk beef, we are proud to provide all natural, sweet potato and corn fed, pasture-raised, humanely treated, USDA inspected beef. With our personalized customization process and delivery to your front door, you won’t find better customer service or higher quality… Continue Reading “How to Order Bulk Beef from Barham’s Ozark Beef”

Shipping Cost Dropped by Nearly 30%

The good news keeps coming in 2023! With gas prices lower than what we experienced this summer, we’ve decided to lower our delivery fee. The per mile cost has dropped from $0.70 to $0.50 – nearly a 30% decrease! This is great news for… Continue Reading “Shipping Cost Dropped by Nearly 30%”

New and Improved Beef Snob Sampler

You’ll notice something a little different about the new and improved Beef Snob Sampler… here’s a summary: The new description reads like this: The Beef Snob Sampler, consists of 6 steaks (2 ribeye, 1 NY Strip, 1 Tenderloin, 2 Top Sirloin), 3 roasts (1… Continue Reading “New and Improved Beef Snob Sampler”

Charlie Barham Gives Us an Update from the Ranch

Meat the Team: Ed Linck

Originally from Conway, Arkansas, Ed joined the world of entrepreneurship in 2019 as co-founder of Barham’s Ozark Beef alongside his wife Mariana Linck. The couple partnered with Ed’s parents and long-time cattle ranchers, Charlie and Lynda Barham, to provide customers with premium quality, humanely… Continue Reading “Meat the Team: Ed Linck”

Meat the Team: Charles Barham

Charles Barham grew up in Ozark, Arkansas, and was an Honors Graduate from Arkansas Tech University in Russellville.  He had planned to be a Forest Ranger, but the cows won him over! Charles started his cattle business buying one or two baby calves at… Continue Reading “Meat the Team: Charles Barham”

7 Things to Know When Ordering Barham’s Ozark Beef

1. Amount of Beef: A Half Beef will net between 170-220 pounds of beef. Plan to use 9-12 cubic feet of freezer space. Half these numbers for a Quarter Beef. The Beef Snob Sampler nets 30 pounds of beef and takes up approximately 2 cubic feet. 2.… Continue Reading “7 Things to Know When Ordering Barham’s Ozark Beef”

Guide to Buying Bulk Beef from Local Farms

Are you looking to buy bulk beef for the first time? Have you had a bad experience buying bulk beef? There are a few things to consider when buying from your local farmer. Check out “A Beef Snob’s Guide to Buying Bulk Beef.” After… Continue Reading “Guide to Buying Bulk Beef from Local Farms”

“Startup Stories” Featuring Barham’s Ozark Beef

Barham’s Ozark Beef was recently featured at the February 2022 Arkansas Conductor “Startup Stories” event. Our Chief Beef Snob, Ed Linck, shared about the origins of our farm-to-table business, challenges faced along the way, and what the future holds for Barham’s Ozark Beef. If… Continue Reading ““Startup Stories” Featuring Barham’s Ozark Beef”

Barham’s Ozark Beef Celebrates Two-Year Anniversary!

Barham’s Ozark Beef turns two years old this month! It all began with Charlie and Lynda Barham and Ed and Mariana Linck agreeing in the summer of 2019 to process six beef over a period of three months to see if there’s a market… Continue Reading “Barham’s Ozark Beef Celebrates Two-Year Anniversary!”

Why sweet potatoes

Studies show the taste of beef can be directly related to their diet. In general, red meat has a more acceptable and intense flavor when fed high-energy foods versus low-energy grass diets. Many of our customers claim Barham’s Ozark Beef tastes better than any… Continue Reading “Why sweet potatoes”

Cut Photos

When beef snobs order a quarter beef or more from Barham’s Ozark Beef, they have the option to customize their cuts. Since many of our clients are new to this, we have created a photo gallery of each of the cut options. We still… Continue Reading “Cut Photos”

Barham’s ozark beef featured in documentary

Arkansas cattle farmer Charlie Barham has been in the beef business for nearly 40 years. Now the self-proclaimed “good ol’ country boy” is the subject of a short film documentary that gives a behind-the-scenes look into his sustainable and humane farming operation in Ozark,… Continue Reading “Barham’s ozark beef featured in documentary”

Newsradio 102.9 KARN Interview

Barham’s Ozark Beef owner Ed Linck was interviewed on Newsradio 102.9 KARN with host Kevin Miller on the morning of December 18, 2020. Ed was a guest on the “Open for Business” segment. If you don’t know much about Barham’s Ozark Beef, this is… Continue Reading “Newsradio 102.9 KARN Interview”

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