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Let Barham’s Ozark Beef fill your freezer with high quality, farm raised beef. Whether it’s a small corner in a refrigerator freezer or an entire standup freezer, we have the perfect freezer filling option for you. 

Customized Orders

Bulk Beef Customized For You

You choose the thickness of your steaks. Bone-in or boneless. Roasts or comfort cuts. More or less ground beef. You have the freedom to order how you want with the customized bulk beef option. 

Sampler Subscriptions or One-Time Purchases

The Perfect Fit

If you don’t have a ton of freezer space, one of our sampler options is your best bet. Ranging from 10 LB to 37 LB, these three options will fit the space and budget of any freezer. 

Standard Bulk Beef

No More Guessing

The Standard Bulk Beef options were created for those who want to know how much and what do I get. With the standard option, you know what your getting and how much you’re paying from the start. The standard cuts are the most popular cuts selected by other beef snobs. 

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We love interacting with our Beef Snobs! If you have questions or comments, we’ll respond as quickly as possible. 


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