New and Improved Beef Snob Sampler

You’ll notice something a little different about the new and improved Beef Snob Sampler… here’s a summary:

  1. A sixth steak was added – most likely a top sirloin steak.
  2. The third roast is guaranteed.
  3. Another pound of ground beef was added.
  4. A fifth miscellaneous item was added.

The new description reads like this: The Beef Snob Sampler, consists of 6 steaks (2 ribeye, 1 NY Strip, 1 Tenderloin, 2 Top Sirloin), 3 roasts (1 chuck roast, 2 other roasts), 16 pounds of ground beef and 5 other items (random combination of short ribs, stew meat, fajita meat, kabob meat, etc.). You receive approximately 35 pounds of USDA inspected beef for $275.

We hope you like the changes! Please let your beef snob friends know about the improvements. We have a bunch of them in stock. Order using this link: Beef Snob Sampler – Barham’s Ozark Beef ( Contact Ed Linck with any questions at 501-733-4801 or