What to Expect

You couldn’t imagine the amount of work it takes to get a tasty, marbleized steak on your dinner table! We’ll try to explain a bit of it to you. Feel free to ask any questions to fill in the gaps…

What Kind of Cows Are They? Charolais Crosses are what you’ll get with Barham’s Ozark Beef. We have two Charolais bulls, and the mama cows are a mix of Charolais Crosses, Angus and Limousin Crosses. With over 200 mama cows, Barham’s Ozark Beef has the ability to produce a high volume of beef for a relatively small farm.

What Do the Cows Eat? Charles has three items on the menu: 1. Improved Pasture (grass); 2. Grain (corn); 3. Sweet Potatoes. Wait… sweet potatoes? Yes, cows love sweet potatoes! Charles has a contract with a sweet potato plant near Clarksville, AR, where he is responsible for removing the discarded sweet potatoes. As it turns out, it’s the menu item of choice for the majority of the cows. What’s the affect on the meat? The fat on the beef may not be as white as what you are used to, but the taste is amazing!

How is the Beef Processed? In 2019, Barham’s Ozark Beef partnered with Cypress Valley Meat Company to process their beef. As one of only two processors who have a USDA representative on site, we felt it was important to have our beef USDA Certified. Cypress Valley has a great reputation for treating their animals humanly during the process, which was important to Charles.

Pricing: Barham’s Ozark Beef is available at $5.00 per pound (hanging weight). You can expect to pay approximately $695 per quarter, which includes the beef, processing fees, sales tax, and local delivery to Central and Northwest Arkansas. We accept payment in many different forms. Let us know the format that works best for you. A nonrefundable deposit of $200 per quarter must be paid to secure your order.

What Comes with a Quarter Beef? When you purchase a quarter beef, you receive 25% of everything, otherwise known as “mixed quarters.” Simply put, you get 25% of the steaks, roasts, ground beef and everything in between. Here’s the order form our processor uses to customize your cuts per quarter beef.

How Much Will a Quarter Beef Weigh? It depends on the size of the cow, but most of our cows will have a “hanging weight” of approximately 550 pounds. The pricing standard of the beef quarters is based on the hanging weight. The processed weight is typically 70% of the hanging weight. Here’s the breakdown… The hanging weight of a whole beef is approximately 550 pounds. The processed weight will be approximately 385 pounds. If you purchase a quarter beef, you’ll receive approximately 96 pounds of great tasting beef! Here’s a picture of what that amount looks like in a 5.1 cu.ft. freezer.

How Is the Beef Packaged and Delivered? Cypress Valley Meat Company will individually package, label, and seal each cut of meat. Once they box the meat, it’s ready for pick up or delivery. If you live near Conway, AR or Ozark, AR, Barham’s Ozark Beef will deliver the meat to you free of charge. Those who live outside of the area will incur a shipping fee, which will be exactly the same amount that the shipper charges our company. Each box will weigh up to 50 pounds. Expect 2-3 boxes per quarter.