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The good news keeps coming in 2023! With gas prices lower than what we experienced this summer, we’ve decided to lower our delivery fee. The per mile cost has dropped from $0.70 to $0.50 – nearly a 30% decrease! This is great news for our friends in Northwest Arkansas, the Jonesboro area, and the Hot Springs area.

We’ve never looked at the delivery fee as a profit center. We just need enough to cover our cost and some time. If we have a few deliveries in the same area in a day, then we stand to profit some. It helps, for sure, but we mainly just want your freezers full of Barham’s Ozark Beef!

Our shipping radius is 250 miles from Conway, Arkansas. If you know beef snobs around the state, please share this information with them. They can shop online at www.beefsnob.com. As always, contact Ed Linck with any questions at 501-733-4801 or ed@beefsnob.com.

In real dollars… below are the savings beef snobs from the most popular delivery destinations will experience:

Rogers, AR: From $87 down to $62 – Saving $25
Tulsa, OK: From $148 down to $106 – Saving $42
Little Rock, AR: From $15 down to $11 – Saving $4
Hot Springs, AR: From $36 down to $26 – Saving $10
Jonesboro, AR: From $78 down to $56 – Saving $22
Memphis, TN: From $95 down to $68 – Saving $27

*Actual cost will vary based on your exact address. The shipping calculator at check-out will provide the exact shipping fee for your location.