Meat the Team: Whitly Cochran

It became very clear that Charlie and Ed needed help to keep up with the growth of Barham’s Ozark Beef. Enter Whitly Cochran… Whitly is the daughter of Ed’s former Connors State College baseball teammate, Jeremy Cochran. In the summer of 2022, Jeremy asked Ed if there were any jobs available in Conway for Whitly while she continued her education at the University of Central Arkansas. Ed immediately created a new position, Associate Beef Snob. Ed knew that if she had half the work ethic and integrity of her father, she would be a great addition to team. Whitly is exceeding expectations and we are thrilled to have her on the team!

The Gentry, Arkansas native is currently a senior psychology major at UCA, graduating in December 2022. She recently said, “Working for Barham’s Ozark Beef has been so rewarding. I am very excited for all we have planned for the future!” With Whitly on the team, there is no doubt the future is bright at Barham’s Ozark Beef.

Whitly has jumped in to help with graphic design, customer relationship management, social media marketing, and apparel design. Knowing she has a desire to open her own business one day, she is included in discussions about all aspects of the business. We hope to provide her the first-hand experience of running a small business so that she will have a much quicker road to success that we did!