Available Bulk Beef for December 2022

Hey Beef Snobs!

We processed eight whole beef for our December 2022 customers. Delivery and local pickup will be available around December 15. This month’s hanging weights range from 507 lbs. to 756 lbs.! That’s a bigger range than usual, so plenty of pricing options for you to consider. You can select a whole beef, a half beef (aka. side of beef), or a quarter beef. To secure your order, select one of the options below. During checkout, comment in the notes section which hanging weight you prefer. Once your order is placed, you’ll receive the cut sheet options from our Chief Beef Snob, Ed Linck. If you have questions along the way, feel free to call Ed at 501-733-4801. He’s happy to help!

NOTE: The ones with hanging weights of 527 lbs., 620 lbs., and 756 lbs. were deemed by the USDA inspector to be at or over 30 months old at processing, so T-bones, the oxtail, and beef neckbones (anything touching the spinal cord) are not available with these. Instead of T-bones, you’d receive NY strips and tenderloin. If we have oxtail or beef neckbones in stock at delivery, you are welcome to it!