Welcome beef snobs!

Barham’s Ozark Beef is proud to provide all-natural, sweet potato and corn fed, pasture-raised beef. Our Arkansas grown, USDA inspected beef is guaranteed to be free of antibiotics and added hormones. Cattle rancher, Charlie Barham, began raising and caring for cattle nearly 40 years ago on his farm in Ozark, Arkansas. He’s mastered his craft and provides sustainable and healthy ways to ensure his herd is fat and happy! With a steady diet of improved pasture, sweet potatoes, and corn from the day they are weened, the result is tasty, marbleized beef the entire family will consistently enjoy.

We have great options available for purchasing our beef. If you are looking to fill up your freezer, you can purchase by the quarter, half or whole. If you are just getting started but want a full variety of cuts, the Beef Snob Sampler or the Mini Beef Snob Sampler would be perfect for you! For those just wanting a specific cuts, join us at the Conway Farmer’s Market at the Antioch Baptist Church parking lot on Amity every Saturday morning between 7:00 a.m. – Noon from April through October.

We bring the butcher shop and meat market to your front door! Our inventory is stored in Conway, Arkansas, but we do not have a store front where you can shop at this time. We are a home/farm based business, so we rely on delivering our product to our customers. If you have questions about our company or our beef, contact Ed Linck at ed@beefsnob.com or (501) 733-4801.

7 Things To Know When Ordering Barham’s Ozark Beef:

1. Amount of Beef: A Half Beef will net between 170-220 pounds of beef. Plan to use 9-12 cubic feet of freezer space. Half these numbers for a Quarter Beef. The Beef Snob Sampler nets 30 pounds of beef and takes up approximately 2 cubic feet. 
2. Cost Estimate: You can expect the cost to be around $1,600-$1,700 for a Half Beef, although we’ve seen prices range from $1,400 – $2,100. The price is determined once we know the hanging weight. The Beef Snob Sampler is $275 and includes approximately 30 pounds of beef.
3. Packaging: Each cut is vacuum sealed and clearly labeled. The label includes the specific cut, weight, and the USDA stamp. This style of packaging makes thawing the beef easy and quick!
4. Customization (Quarter and Half Beef Orders Only): With a 5 minute phone call, our team will walk you through the customized cut options for a Half or Quarter Beef. You’ll be walked through the options for your steaks, roasts, ground beef and other items. 
5. What Cuts Are Included? Each Half or Quarter Beef will include approximately 15% steaks, 25% roasts, 40% ground beef, and 20% other cuts. The Beef Snob Sampler includes 5 steaks, 2-3 roasts, 13 pounds of ground beef, and 4 other items that would include fajita meat, kabob meat, beef short ribs, minute steaks, and more. 
6. Place an Order: To secure your order, go to this link. Our team will reach out to you within two days of your order with more details. If buying a Half or Quarter Beef, a deposit must be paid to secure your order. The remainder of the purchase price is due prior to delivery.
7. Delivery: Home delivery is available within a 250 mile radius of Conway, AR, which includes the entire state of Arkansas, Memphis, TN, Tulsa, OK, and Branson, MO. The delivery fee is $0.70 per mile from Conway. The fee will show at checkout. Free local pickup in Conway is always available. Contact Ed Linck for more information at (501) 733-4801.

A little more about the pricing…
The industry pricing standard is to use the “hanging weight” to determine the price. Our price is $5.35/lb. hanging weight, plus a 2.75% sales tax. The price we quote you includes the beef, processor’s fee, and sales tax. Our pricing method allows full transparency and ensures you get exactly what you paid for. Considering the quality of beef and the great price, there’s no better way to buy beef!

If you have questions, please contact Ed Linck at (501) 733-4801 or edlinck@gmail.com.

Simply phenomenal, the most tender, buttery-like texture, delicate, flavorful mouthwatering beef I have ever eaten!

thumb Pete Bella
January 9, 2021

We have been involved with raising pork stock for many years but never beef. We bought 1/2 beef from your company. This is by far the best beef we have... read more

thumb sharon Rogers
December 19, 2020

Great quality of the beef. It is tasty, best beef we have ever have. We are really happy with the purchase and will recommend to anyone is craving a local... read more

thumb xin chen
December 19, 2020